A couple weeks ago the fine folks at Skirt Sports got in touch.

September 2004, Nicole DeBoom won the Ironman Wisconsin wearing the first SkirtSports prototype. This launched the idea of the running skirt and the SkirtSports company. The email said in honor of this great achievement Skirt was going to do a 10 on 10…a 10k or 10 miles for 10 years.

The best part? They were going to do another Kickstarter program, this time for the 10k! The even bester (most besets?) part? Lynne is going to be my motivator again!!

I immediately wrote back and said I’d love to be a part. I did have to add in the caveat that I’ve been working on ditching some plantar fasciitis so I wasn’t sure HOW much I could run, and that I’m in the process of trying to relocate back to the East Coast, so I wasn’t sure WHERE I’d be running. Of course neither was an issue. For those of you interested you don’t have to be in CO to take part, you can sign up for a Virtual 10.

Yesterday we got our training plans. Boy-o am I going to have my work cut out for me.

Due to that plantars I haven’t been able to run much. Two weeks ago I finally got the sign off to start running, but nothing crazy. The last 5k I’d done was June 5th, which while I ran the whole thing…it was NOT pretty.

The plan is pretty straightforward though. 3 days of running with a focus on time instead of distance, 4 days of “rest” or cross training. Each running day is focusing on something different; hills, intervals and long runs. Each week a gradual increase in time.

Lynne and I had scheduled a run for Friday. I figured we could either do hills or the long run then, so I set out today to knock out the intervals.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.00.06 PM

Crown Hill Lake is my default place. It’s normally not too busy, there’s a relatively low amount of goose poop, and to-date I haven’t been run over by any small humans on bikes. It also has some dirt trails, which I thought might be kinder on my foot and is relatively flat.

My Garmin is configurable for intervals which is great. The only thing I wish you could see is your average pace. Today’s goal was 4 minute run/2 minute walk for 40 minutes. In an effort to keep the foot happy I cut mine down a little bit and did 30 minutes of intervals total, 20 minutes of running. I did walk a couple extra miles as well. For those of you that like graphs and numbers and stuff: Interval Breakdown

It was tough. I definitely started out strong and then the last 2 intervals petered out a bit. It’s so nice to have something to be training towards, and I feel like I’m off to a good start!